CardLife - An error happens after I load my game from a server

Published on: 04-Mar 11:23am

Chris Cleveland

Published on - 04-Mar 11:23am

We will need you to tell us or show us what the error/problem is and send us the log file at the time the issue happened. If you are not sure, please replicate this error and then close the game and go to the CardLife game folder saved on your local drive C:\ normally, \Games\CardLife\Logs. Find files called log_ and sort them by date and send us the latest log_client_ and log_server files.

Please also tell us:-

  • your system specification,
  • singleplayer or multiplayer,
  • the server name and number you joined (official or custom)
  • are you running any mods.

Hosting a custom server?

It will be very useful to send your output_log text file which can be found here C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\CardLife\CardLife

The name of the file is output_log.

If this is not shown then the file is hidden, this is a good informative link how to do unhide the files


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