Robocraft - I want to relink my Steam ID to a different account

Published on: 04-Mar 09:39am

In order to complete this process we need some information from you.

First we'll need the support code to proove that you're the legitimate owner of the account. Please go to the Robocraft website and click the LOGIN button at the top of the page.


Enter your username/email address and password or select the 'Sign-in using Steam' button. When you login successfully, under the Support section click 'Reset code' . This will provide you with the Support code for that account.

You will also need the Steam ID for the accounts that you want to make changes to


  1. Go to the Steam website
  2. Login
  3. Click on 'View Profile' ni the top right
  4. Copy the url from your browser, it should look something like this
  5. That long number at the end is your SteamID, but we need the SteamID64
  6. Next you need to use this website which will show you the SteamID64 when you enter the Steam ID -

Do the same for each Steam account you want changes to be made to and then email us via the support form linked below with details on which Steam account you want linked to which Support code.

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