Please tell us...

  • the server your inventory is currently on
  • the server you want your inventory moved to

Things to consider before contacting us.

1. if you have any items in crates, this will not be transferred over. It might be a good idea to switch any items you definitely want or valuable from your crate to your inventory before the transfer,

2. if you are requesting the inventory transfer from your current server to an inventory that already exists on the new server, this will not work. It would be best to put inventory items on the new server into a crate to free up space to receive your inventory.

IMPORTANT: Please do not play CardLife until the transfer is completed and you have received confirmation from us. There is a risk the transfer will corrupt your inventory and/or overwriting the transferred inventory. This will happen to either inventories on the current server and the new server you want the inventory to be transferred to.