Robocraft - I did not recieve my account verification/ password reset email

Published on: 04-Mar 10:51am

Chris Cleveland

Published on - 04-Mar 10:51am

Please check and confirm the following:-

  • You are using the correct email address connected to your Robocraft account.
  • Check your spam/junk folder,
  • Check whether your spam filters are enabled manually or automatically. If it is set to automatically block everything that is detected as spam, then it will need to be added/allowed (if your spam filter allows for controlled access).
  • Cookies are enabled for 
  • website has been added to your firewall exceptions list in case it is being blocked.
  • Clear your browser history and cache and repeat the account verification/password reset process again. You could try this in private mode in your browser.

If this issue persists, contact us:


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