Robocraft - My Robocraft account is not linked to a Steam account

Published on: 04-Mar 10:53am

Chris Cleveland

Published on - 04-Mar 10:53am

If you do not have your Robocraft linked to Steam, you will still get the super-exclusive cardboard cosmetics!!! And we can add them to your Robocraft account for you.

Please follow these steps when CardLife is launched on Steam:-

1. Provide us your CardLife username and a screenshot of the purchase receipt from Xsolla for your copy of CardLife. *We cannot proceed further without proof of CardLife ownership.

2. Decide carefully the Robocraft account you want the cardboard cosmetics added to.

3. Go to the Robocraft website and click the LOGIN button at the top and enter you username/email address and password. 


When you login successfully, under the Support section click 'Reset code'

4. Send what we have asked for and tell us the new support code in a ticket to our support team here.

IMPORTANT: The cardboard cosmetics are non-transferable between Robocraft accounts.

This is a one time transaction. Decide carefully and check to make sure it is going to be added to the correct Robocraft account before you contact our support team.


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